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We provide a range of computer services, most of them on-site, in order to reduce the amount of hassle to you, as well as reduce the amount of time you're without your computer. In fact, we usually get your system running again during our initial visit if your machine is down, so you aren't actually without your computer at all. In more extreme cases, your machine may require in office maintenance, or quarantining. This is only to insure complete and comprehensive solutions to the most advanced technical computer problems.

On-Site Computer Network Service

  • Server Administration, Management
  • Network Administration, Management
  • Database Administration, Management
  • Wireless Encrypted Networks (Wi-Fi)
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Data Storage including SAN / NAS
  • Security
  • Home Entertainment Center / Media Center / Gaming Systems
  • Instruction
  • Legacy Migration
  • E-Mail
  • Installation of New Equipment
  • Hard Drive Maintenance, Repair, Upgrades
  • Anti-Virus / Malware / Spyware Detection & Removal
  • Technical Consulting

Web Applications, Web Design, Graphic Design, & Multimedia

  • Custom Website Development, Applications
  • Custom Database Development, Applications
  • Custom Software Development, Applications
  • Custom Intranet Applications, Development
  • Custom Mobile Web Applications, Development
  • Software-as-a-Service / Web 2.0
  • Free & Open Source (FOSS) Website Software Packages
  • Content Management Systems
  • Security
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Websites for Universal Accessibility
  • Technical Consulting
  • Documentation & Specifications
  • E-Learning & E-Testing
  • E-Commerce
  • Multimedia
  • Legacy Migration
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting

Business & Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Plans
  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Networking
  • Virtual Reality

Other Associated Areas

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Technical Writing
Grain River Digital
Grain River Digital

Grain River Digital

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Grain River Digital

Grain River Digital
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Grain River Digital

Grain River Digital

Specialized Services

Computer Help Personalized and Vertical Data Recovery Logos
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